Acorn Tree Services Common Complaints

Acorn Tree Services is located in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Owner and operator Jennifer Dawson has over seven years of experience in the tree industry. She has a California Department of Pesticide Regulation Small Business Certificate and has taken a variety of auxiliary courses to improve her knowledge and experience. As a family-oriented person, she brings experience and expertise to every aspect of her work. While there are plenty of reasons to choose this company, here are some of the most common complaints.

Acorn Tree Services

Acorn Tree Services specializes in all forms of tree maintenance and removal. Whether you need a tree pruned or a large oak tree removed, they can provide the necessary care. This includes dead wooding, pollarding, and site clearing. Sometimes, tree removal is necessary for safety reasons, such as a dead tree or one that is too close to a building. Acorn Tree Work also provides full site clearance, allowing you to start construction immediately.

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Many people wonder about the availability of tree services in my area before they embark on a property-improvement project. Before hiring a tree service erie pa, it’s crucial to understand the types of services offered by tree companies in your area. There are several types of services offered by tree companies, and you can use them to find the best one for your needs.

For instance, tree removal requires a lot of preparation. It’s not always easy to determine the level of damage done to a tree. In these cases, a professional arborist can provide you with the necessary information. They have the equipment necessary to safely and quickly remove a tree.


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