Are Dentists Open in Lockdown?

Do our dentists open during a lockdown? Are Dentists Open in Lockdown? Well, the answer varies depending on the location and type of lockdown. The first lockdown, in March, saw dentists closed, but after the restrictions were lifted in June, dentists were allowed to continue their normal operations. In the meantime, dentists are accepting normal appointments – though you should contact the practice before making an appointment if you’re feeling sick.

Are Dentists Open in Lockdown?

The most effective way to see patients in a COVID-19 emergency is through teledentistry, a system that provides the same level of care as in-person visits while minimizing the number of non-essential visits. With this technology, dentists can extend their availability and provide dental care to the most vulnerable populations. But if this system fails, there’s no reason to panic. There are several other options for those who don’t have access to emergency care.

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While NHS dentists aren’t operating during a lockdown, private dental practices are still open. The British Association of Private Dentistry tweeted that dentists’ surgeries would be open for Periodontal professionals. They said that private dental practices were essential and safe. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged people to use the NHS instead. The British Dental Association (BDA) said that the BDA is confident that private dental practices will remain open during a lockdown.

However, the number of people seeking dental care during a COVID-19 pandemic has significantly decreased. And while the general population is more likely to seek dental care during a lockdown, the type of dental treatments offered will also change. While orthodontics saw the largest drop in patient volume during a lockdown, endodontic treatments still accounted for a majority of treatment. They also accounted for almost half of the patient load during the lockdown compared to about 20% of patients during regular days.


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