Beautifying Your Landscaping Around Your Above Ground Pool

There are many ways to beautify your landscaping around an above-ground swimming pool. There are many types of plants and materials to choose from, including evergreens, stone, and wood. Some people even add fences or walkways to enhance the beauty of their yard. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Adding a deck or fence around your above-ground pool will make it look more attractive and enticing.

Decking around an above ground pool

Before you build a deck around your above-ground pool, you should consider some important factors. Despite what many people think, decks around above-ground pools are not essential. You can enjoy your swimming pool without one, but decking offers a lot of benefits. Here are three reasons you should consider building a deck around your pool. First, it will give you more space. Second, a deck will add style to your pool. Third, a deck is safer than a ground-level deck.

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Planting evergreens

If you are planning landscaping around your above-ground pool, you’ll want to consider using evergreens. Many species are hardy in zones six and seven and can provide shade and privacy. However, if you are planning to use a privacy fence at, it will help if you avoid planting plants that are prone to thorns. Rose bushes are thorny, and certain hollies can produce prickly leaves that could be hazardous to you and your children if they ingest them.

Adding a walkway

Adding a walkway around an above-ground pool can add aesthetic value and keep your house cleaner, as bathers will often track dirt into the house. Additionally, landscaped walkways look nice and make your pool seem more inviting. Various materials can be used, including timber, stones, or mulch. Some people also plant shrubs and mulch around the walkway for aesthetic value. Regardless of the materials you choose, a walkway is a smart addition to any yard.

Adding a fence

Adding a fence around your above-ground pool is not an entirely necessary feature, but some people opt for it. While a fenced backyard may provide more protection for the family, you can also install a special fenced-in area within your yard to protect your pool. Other people may opt to simply install a screen enclosure around their pool to eliminate the need for a fence. This will prevent bugs and other debris from entering the pool.

Adding a planter box

Adding a planter box around an existing above-ground pool is a great way to add a lush green oasis to your yard. These boxes are specially designed to be a natural extension of your pool’s structure, so you can choose a style that complements the style of your existing water features, patio bricks, or other waterscape designs. While there are few options for integrating a custom planter into your existing pool, you can place one next to its edge.


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