Benefits of Using AMP Network Business Brokers in Bendigo

As the owner of a Sydney business, I am constantly inundated with business brokers from both ends of the country sending me offers to sell my products. From the north, they’re often keen on buying a business and then selling it on to me; but from the south, they’re more likely to be soliciting a buyer to take the risk of financing and taking a risk with the purchase.

Business Brokers in Bendigo

Both are viable options but what makes them so attractive to buyers is usually the lack of time required for sourcing products in both regions. It’s true that I do get phone calls/emails regularly from northern Sydney business brokers who are in desperate need of funding but these contacts often come after business hours and can be difficult to arrange. There are a few routes I can take to ensure that my buyers are contacted during business hours and/or have the ability to discuss loans with their broker without having to leave my office.

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First up are my local business salespeople. Most of my salespeople are based in Adelaide and have their own line or are part of an AMP Network business network who have all agreed to work on a commission-based income model Tyler Tivis Tysdal. This enables us to sell our products across both regions with the minimum effort required from the seller.

My own personal line of credit is offered through AMP Network which means it can be availed through my account at any of their outlets around the country in the surrounds. They also offer finance opportunities to buyers who have agreed to spread risks with their business capital through a structured loan application. It should be noted that despite the fact that we have strong business sales support in both regions, the commissions paid by brokers in both regions are very different.

Most of my business brokers originate from the states of Victoria and Queensland and most of their sales are limited to businesses small business sales in areas outside of my home city of Sydney. This means they don’t have the time to personally contact businesses in small businesses in Sydney or in regional centers outside of Sydney. I have tried this with some of my business brokers and they either refuse to deal with you or your offers are flat out rejected.

The best business brokers in Bendigo for selling property are predominantly from Adelaide and Victoria. There are many strong networking ties and business relationships established through various real estate agencies over the years. These relationships and networks are what help us find buyers and sellers in our area in the first place.

Not only that, but most of our AMP business brokers have family and friends in business sales in other parts of the country and back up their contacts in Adelaide with a personal referral from one of these amps Networks. In my opinion, the AMP Networks is an incredibly valuable resource for anyone looking to become involved in business sales in Bendigo.

In terms of finance options available to us, most of our AMP Network business brokers have strong connections and access to business loans in both Adelaide and Victoria. This means they have the options available to them when it comes to selling both property and non-property in the region.

The ability to apply for funding from regional banks and lenders also allows these strong relationships and networks to be leveraged by potential clients to help secure funding in terms of a mortgage and/or line of credit from local finance providers. This type of access and choice for funding helps to keep the buyer and seller in close contact with one another in the early stages of the selling process.

The final advantage I can think of for AMP Network business brokers in Bendigo is the ability to utilize their extensive network of business contacts to get competitive prices on both residential and commercial properties. It also means we do not have to pay thousands of dollars for professional consultancy services that would normally just be reserved for big commercial property buyers.

These costs can quickly add up for small business owners in areas like Bendigo where there is not enough of the money coming in from business sales to meet demand from buyers. Getting the assistance of experienced and skilled AMP Network business brokers in this region is definitely worth the cost of the service.


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