Bunions Surgery May Need Surgery

Most people will have to deal with a bunion at some point in their lives. The word “bunion” is derived from the Latin root buitare which means “to put together” or “to join”. They are basically a meeting point for two big toe bones that rub together and cause pain, swelling, and general instability.

Bunions Surgery

A lot of times, bunions will form when there has been a significant amount of wear and tear on the big toe that just simply started to give way a bit. When you get bunion surgery done, you can eliminate a lot of this problem.

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One of the most common reasons why people get bunions is because they have an unnatural shape to their foot, especially the metatarsal bone. This bone, the ball of the foot, will actually start to move a little bit later on in life than it should, mostly due to bone growth that occurs naturally.

If this bone starts to move out of sync with the rest of the body, it can cause the big toe to rock and jolt Hallux abducto valgus. People with flat feet tend to develop bunions more than those who have normal-shaped feet. Also, if you have a high arch, then your bones might push harder into the top of the metatarsal bone, which will cause bunion surgery.

Another reason why people may need surgery is if the toe starts to swell on its own after a period of time. When the swelling hits the joint, it can be extremely painful, sometimes to the point that even the simplest activities may become uncomfortable. The only way to really relieve pain from bunions is through surgery.

It’s also possible that the area becomes so loose that it may need surgery in order to make it secure once again. However, most people who have bunions will probably never need surgery unless their toe gets to a very extreme state and cannot be treated any other way.


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