Can You Use Human CBD Oil on Pets?

Human CBD is an extract that is derived from the cannabis plant and is often used for medicinal purposes. Medical marijuana users will know this extract best as cannabis. It is now being used to produce oil that can be put on pet skin, and used for aromatherapy. This new development is a welcome one but has some negative aspects to it. Here we want to look at some of these, and see if they are worth considering, or if this type of oil should be avoided at all costs.

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Human CBD Oil on Pets

One of the problems with this extract is that it can have a negative effect on animals. Human CBD is very similar in chemical makeup to the scent of cannabis and can cause some unpleasant and persistent smells on your pet. Unfortunately, not all companies who produce this supplement are keeping this fact in mind, and the result is often an unpleasant oil that is not quite right for pets. The last thing any pet owner wants is to give their animal an unbalanced dosage of best cbd oil for dogs, and this can have some serious and long-lasting effects. If you use human CBD oil on pets, make sure you check the label carefully and don’t give more than is recommended.

Final Words

Another problem is the price of CBD. Human CBD oil is far cheaper than many other pet supplements and is still significantly more expensive than medical marijuana. At the same time, this oil isn’t nearly as powerful as cannabis and may be completely ineffective. For this reason, it is likely that most companies who manufacture CBD supplements will include a hefty amount of synthetic CBD, which is essentially useless to pets. While the price might make you think twice about using CBD oils for your pet, keep in mind that if you use it in high enough quantities, it can cause serious and unpleasant side effects.


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