Car Walkie Talkie Baofeng UV-82 Review

If you are looking for a car walkie-talkie that works well with cell signals, the UV-82 is a perfect choice. This device is a great option for backing up your vehicle or traveling out of cell range. It is also a significant upgrade from the UV-5R. The UV-82 has a larger speaker and a more solid case. In addition, it has a new chipset and PCB board that outperforms its predecessors.

Car Walkie Talkie

You can get a good battery life from the Baofeng car walkie-talkie. The device also has a five-watt power output and a frequency range of 462-467 MHz waterproof walkie-talkies. It has a waterproof feature and is JIS-4-rated, although this does not mean you can submerge it in water. For the best performance, make sure you choose a product that can withstand the weather.

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Another feature to look for in a car walkie-talkie is the battery life. Many walkie-talkies last as long as six hours, so you don’t need to worry about running out of power.

If you need to communicate with your driver, you can also use the Baofeng walkie while on the road. With a variety of power levels, you can find a model that will work for your needs. If you have a low budget, this product may not be right for you.


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