Choosing Bass Fishing Rods

There are a variety of types of bass fishing rods to choose from. The rod itself consists of a hollow core, usually made from composite materials, and is accompanied by a line guide. Line guides are typically made of titanium or ceramic inserts that send your line orderly into the water, and also manage your line as it fights with the fish. Most rods have cork or EVA foam handles. They also have a reel seat. You can usually screw down the foregrip to secure your fishing line.

Bass Fishing Rods

Many anglers have a few different rods so that they can match the various conditions, types of lures, and fish they catch. Just like a set of golf clubs, each rod is designed for a particular purpose, and understanding the differences between them will help you choose the best one for your fishing needs. In addition to the weight and taper, another consideration to make when choosing a bass fishing rod is how much power you will need to cast your lure.

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If you want a cheap, lightweight rod, you can go with a Tatula 7’3″ medium-heavy rod. It is versatile and has a sensitive tip, making it great for soft plastics and muscling bass out of cover Bam BaitsĀ® Lures. As far as durability goes, you can’t go wrong with a Tatula medium-heavy rod. The high-density EVA grips on the Perigee II are also durable.


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