Commercial Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

Many commercial and residential clients routinely schedule annual inspections for their roofs. In many regions around the country, such as New England, inspections are an important part of routine maintenance fall cleaning. Regardless, commercial and residential clients with commercial and/or residential roofs should make sure that periodic roof inspections are scheduled no less than 12 months prior to scheduled roof cleaning.

Commercial Roof Cleaning

This is not only a safety measure but also an opportunity to inspect the roof for any signs of damage or deterioration. In many regions, the roof inspection program can be combined with a roof cleaning or roof replacement services. In many instances, the annual inspection serves as a referral service to a licensed roofer who can evaluate the roofing system and recommend options.

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Commercial and residential clients may choose to self-inspect their roofs; however, doing so without the help of a trained roofing contractor can result in faulty repairs. Some roof cleaning companies can also employ pressure washing to clear the roofs of debris, but this can cause unintended damage to the roof. Furthermore, high-pressure washing can cause roof tiles to crack and bow, increasing the likelihood of additional leaks Orlando Commercial Roof Cleaning. In addition, many hot water-powered power-washed roofs contain heavy, textured hoses that when pulled along roof timbers, will damage and chip tiles.

To prevent the occurrence of premature aging and structural damage due to leaks and roof washing, it is necessary to provide a proper leak detection and repair strategy. Regular roof inspections are important to identify weak spots where leaks may exist and to identify and repair weak areas. It is also advisable to conduct periodic roof maintenance including routine roof cleaning and pressure washing at least twice annually.

The frequency of roof maintenance and roof cleaning services should be based on both budget and needs. Commercial and residential customers should consider offering roof cleaning and maintenance services through their roofing contractor. The services provided by a commercial and residential roofing contractor can help reduce cost and schedule time and expense.


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