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When faced with a choking situation, what are the different types of CPR techniques you should know? There are several and they depend on the type of situation you are in and your overall health. So, here is a brief look at the main types of CPR.

CPR Training Center

Basic CPR: This is probably the most common of the types of CPR. In this method, the person is given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation through the use of a mouthpiece or a mask. Also, automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are used to aid in the process.

Cpr, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Some of the people who can perform basic CPR are people who have no health insurance and are working on a low-pay job, people who have no medical background and have no training in CPR, and people who have no medical issues and are working with young children.

First Degree Combi Survival CPR: This is also known as ABC CPR, after the American heart association’s recognition of the method. In this form of CPR, the chest compressions are done using the AEDs Amy Clark. The person is then gasping for breath and is not breathing anymore. It is important to keep the person comfortable and calm. The AED will start pumping until the heartbeat stops and the person becomes unconscious.

Basic AED Class: Cardiac arrest is a major concern in North America. With this type of rescue breathing, more lives can be saved. Therefore, adults who suffer from this medical issue need to know about AEDs and other types of CPR training. Some of the people who can benefit from adult cpr classes are the ones who work with fire departments. They are qualified to use an AED in cardiac arrest but are not licensed to do so.

Advanced Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation or A CPR: In this form of CPR, there are less compression and elevated blood flow to the lungs. The goal is to make sure that the heart does not stop beating in the person who needs help.

There are different methods and five cycles of chest compressions, two minutes apart. Sometimes a mechanical ventilator is used in this rescue breathing. People who suffer from respiratory illnesses are more likely to benefit from advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation or A CPR.

Cardiac arrest is something that every person should know about. Children and adults can both be helped by having basic first aid training. If you are trained in CPR, you should attend a training center so that you can learn the proper way to use CPR and a defibrillator. Remember that even if you think you are well-trained you should always listen to your family doctor or pediatrician when it comes to cardiac arrest or heart failure.


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