Does a Mortgage Broker Ireland Charge Any Fees?

Does a Mortgage Broker Ireland Charge Any Fees?

When you use a mortgage broker, they will work with you to find the best mortgage lender and product for you. This is where their expertise and knowledge comes in. They will find you the right lender and mortgage deal for your circumstances, taking the stress out of the whole process.

Does a mortgage broker Ireland charge any fees?

They will also help you with all the documentation lenders need to process your application, including your income, spending, tax returns, credit reports, etc. Mortgage Broker in Belfast will help you understand your ability to repay the loan, the maximum amount you can borrow, and which lenders will likely give you the best deal.

The good news is that many brokers will help you recoup your mortgage broker fees within a year or two by finding you a better mortgage rate. This can be significant and could mean thousands of pounds saving over the full term of your mortgage.

Is a mortgage broker fee worth it?

Mortgage rates are constantly changing so you will want to make sure that you stay on the best mortgage rate possible for your needs. A small difference in interest rates over the course of a 25 or 30-year term can add up to significant savings, so it’s important to check your mortgage deal every year and make sure you’re not paying more than you should.

We recommend Con and Veronica Daly of Money Tree Finance, who have extensive experience in the Irish mortgage market and have won numerous awards for their service. They are based in Cork but cover the whole of Ireland, so you can be confident that they will get to know your specific situation and requirements and offer expert advice.


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