EDM Software Solutions for Electronic Data Management

EDM Software Solutions is those solutions that provide solutions for electronic data management and access control at the enterprise both at the application and system level edm programming software. The products of this family include Desktop Management Interface, Enterprise Manager, Enterprise Portal, i-Regional Access, Ketera Site Recovery, Key Facts, Metasite Map, Playground, Social Management System, and Social Gateway.

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These products are designed to cater to the requirements of a wide range of business requirements from manufacturing and distribution to retail and telecommunication.

EDM Software Solutions

Founded the Year 1996. Website design by Ralf Becker, Email marketing by Christoph Lange, Computer Networking by Dietrich Weitzmann, Telecommunication by Dietrich Weitzmann, and Sales by Christian Ditta. EDM Software Solutions is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. It provides a complete ERP solution for midsize and small companies.

The products of this family include Enterprise Manager, Content Access, eConnect, eNet, ePro, social, by Watson, Ketera Site Recovery, Metasite Map, Playground, Social Management System, and Social Gateway. All these products have been used successfully in various companies and have received positive responses from the customers.

Final Words

The company is committed to providing customer-centric solutions to the business. The company accepts all challenges with open arms. This enables them to develop customized solutions to meet the requirements of the clients. They also provide service after-sales support and technical assistance to help the organizations. With the latest innovations in the software industries, they are well equipped to handle all sorts of software problems.


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