Fencing in Birmingham, England – Enthusiasts of the Sport

Fencing in Birmingham, England – Enthusiasts of the Sport

For football fans in Birmingham, there is no dearth of places to go and see a fencing competition. The Birmingham City FC is based in Tuscany and hence there are many fixtures that fans can catch sight of from the stands. Fencing is an integral part of the game and since it has been coming in for much acclaim, Birmingham has picked up the sport as a second religion.

Fencing in Birmingham, England

The three disciplines in fencing the enable, foil, and saber; winning matches are made all the more enjoyable through the contact of these three weapons with an opponent. Today fencing has become more than just a game; it has become a way of life for many in Birmingham.

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Fencing clubs from across England have started organizing tournaments on a regular basis Pool fencing by mastergroups. The Birmingham Fencing Association has also started a national club that will see teams from all over England taking part.

The current competition format consists of two fencers per team, with each team playing a round of ten minutes at a time. The score is the difference between the first and the last score of the ten minutes; the winning team receives one point for each extra point made by their opponent. Points are scored when an opponent fails to answer to a challenge or shows a lack of skill in any of the three weapons (foil, saber, and epee).


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