Finding the Best Hair Restoration For Women Procedures

The hair loss industry is a billion-dollar market and is driven by the need for genuine hair restoration for women. It’s no wonder that there are literally hundreds of products vying for their share of the pie. One of the most popular forms of hair restoration for women is known as xenograft; this is where hair grafts or individual hairs are grafted into the scalp using tiny scissors, allowing the scalp to absorb the natural oils of the hair.

Best Hair Restoration

These natural oils heal damaged follicles and promote new hair growth. Although these treatments can be costly, they also offer great results and are permanent.

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Another well-known hair restoration for women procedure is follicular unit extraction (FUE). The method is quite similar to that of the original procedure, but there are some important differences. In FUE, hair strands are actually grafted directly onto the scalp The major difference between the two procedures is the longer time frame needed for the hair strands to grow – typically it takes up to nine months before you will see any visible results from either procedure.

There are many who claim that the best hair loss for women procedure is no surgery at all! This is called autologous fat transfer. During this procedure, fat from one part of your body is transferred to the scalp. This fact serves to block hair loss, and can even help prevent future hair loss. Autologous fat transfer is often used to treat laryngeal cellulite, facial hair loss, and excess skin in the scoliosis region.


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