Fort Worth Funeral Home Scandal

A new movie, “For My Woman,” is remaking the famous “Fort Worth funeral home scandal”. It stars Dondre Johnson as a successful businessman who is accused of fraud and felony abuse of corpses. The story follows the story of a co-owner of a mortuary in Fort Worth, Texas. He is accused of taking eight dead bodies and disposing of them improperly, but no one has been arrested.

Fort Worth Funeral Home Scandal

Fort Worth police found seven decomposing bodies inside the mortuary and were shocked to discover that a corpse had been neglected for so long. The victims had paid a lot of money to have the bodies embalmed and cremated. The owner of the funeral home had accepted this money in return for services – but it was never delivered. The man’s conviction was thrown out, but his wife had been convicted of theft.

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In this case, two people were charged with stealing money and not attending to the dead. After being arrested, the landlord of the building demanded that they vacate the property. However, the former mortuary director denied ever handling the bodies Fort Worth funeral homes. The landlord of the Fort Worth building discovered the decomposing bodies when he was inspecting the property. The husband and wife were accused of ripping off the clients. In the end, the two were sentenced to more than a decade in prison.


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