Fotografiska – A Vibrant Venue For Contemporary Art and Photography

If you’re looking for a new place to eat in Stockholm, try Fotografiska. Located in the Stadsgarden district, Fotografiska is a vibrant venue that showcases the work of world-renowned photographers. Aside from offering an exceptional view, this gallery also offers food and drink options to match the artistic ambiance. Some of the world’s best photographers have taken the stage at Fotografiska, including Annie Leibovitz, Robert Mapplethorpe, Sally Mann, and Sarah Moon. Other notable photographers have graced the Fotografiska gallery, including Anton Corbijn and Albert Watson.

Vibrant Venue For Contemporary Art and Photography

If you love contemporary art, photography, or social issues, Fotografiska is an excellent place to visit. Located in a former customs building on the Stockholm waterfront, this landmark was designed by Ferdinand Boberg in 1906. The building retains its classic brick exterior but has been converted into an exhibition and retail space. There is even a restaurant on the premises. Chef Paul Svensson serves delicious dishes inspired by the photographs displayed on the walls.

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The museum includes 2500 square meters of exhibition space, an academy, cafe and bar, conference rooms, a gift shop, and photo galleries. The rooftop bar and restaurant are also worth a visit. The museum is located in a historic, former customs house, which was recently renovated to accommodate Eesti fotograafid. The museum features the work of world-renowned photographers like Robert Mapplethorpe and Martin Schoeller. The Fotografiska offers a wide range of photography courses and workshops, as well as concerts.


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