Home Inspectors In Siloam Springs Arbor Place – Things To Look Out For

In early October, some home inspectors in Siloam Springs began touring the neighborhood of the homeowners in search of problematic areas for repair and improvement. Siloam Springs is a unique community that offers both an active lifestyle and beautiful outdoor living spaces.

Home Inspectors In Siloam Springs Arbor Place

The home inspectors found that most houses here have metal railings on the exterior walls which run the length of each block. These run down to the sidewalk and are painted a dull brown color, which the home inspectors said does not look nice at all.

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Another problem in this part of the city of Siloam Springs is the drainage system which is notoriously clogged in the winter months swimming pool resurfacing. Winter brings with it heavy rainfall which oftentimes overwhelms the natural drainage channels and causes them to become completely clogged.

When the home inspectors were there they also noticed that many times bricks had been laid in these channels to help them properly drain. Unfortunately, these bricks were not waterproof, and when heavy storms come they often crack and break, causing more flooding.

Home inspectors in Siloam Springs Arbor Place will be hosting another visit to the homeowners in the area in the near future. This time the inspectors will focus on the landscaping and visible elements of the landscape such as trees and bushes.

They will also be looking to see if any homeowners have planned any improvements or expansions to their homes in the area. If you live in this part of town you should definitely take note of both the home inspector’s report and the landscaping pictures they bring back.


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