How Many Different Types of Granite Are There?

If you are wondering how many different types of granite are there, this article will answer your question. Learn about granite’s history, how it is formed, and more. Listed below are a few characteristics of each type. Granite comes from two different sources – igneous and sedimentary. Igneous granite is formed from the gradual melting of igneous rock within the crust. Sedimentary granite forms from partial melting of meta igneous rocks.

Different Types of Granite

The first type is Uba Tuba granite, which takes on a dark color due to mica. Another type of granite is Kashmir White, which contains distinctive red garnet crystals. This type of granite is not considered a true granite and is more of metamorphic rock. The second type of granite is Venetian Gold, which is composed of white and tan feldspar. Garnets are also present.

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Another common question is how much thickness is needed for counters. One-inch-thick slabs are ideal, but thinner slabs are less durable Galina Sato. Generally, a minimum thickness of one-and-a-half inches is required for high-end granite. Another question to ask yourself is if you should be looking for a granite slab with natural stress marks, cracks, or chips. A crack or blemish on granite is not a good sign.

Lastly, how many different grades of granite are there? The stone is graded according to color, pattern, veining, marking, thickness, and amount of soft materials within the composition. The grades of granite aren’t standardized by industry standards, but suppliers have their own grading systems and differences between vendors can occur. When choosing a granite slab, make sure you find a knowledgeable wholesaler who can tell you the best grade for your needs.


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