How Much Does A Close Protection Officer Earn?

Getting to the top of how much does a close protection officer earn UK often boils down to your country of origin and the security agency you work for. For example, the UK’s biggest agencies are the Ministry of Defense and the Security Service, both of which pay close protection officers a hefty salary, but this is only if they are on contract. These types of agents have other security posts in both the UK and elsewhere around the world, so if you are working in America and are offered a position with a large US agency, there is very little chance of a salary like that. Most private companies in the UK offer competitive wages for their agents.

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Close Protection Officer Earn

How much does a close protection officer earns the UK can also depend on how many years of experience they have. An agent who has been working in the field for several years is likely to command a higher salary than someone who has just started working as a security guard high value assets protection London. The more years of experience that an agent has, the more likely they will be able to get promoted within the company. Security agencies often give promotions to agents based on their performance, so having several years of experience could lead to a promotion in the near future.

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Some agencies may also pay their close protection officers for their travel expenses, such as hotel accommodations, travel documents and so forth. In some cases, an agent may have to cover the costs of equipment and materials used when working in a foreign country. How much does a close protection officer earn UK depends a lot on the location of the agency and what kind of work it does. Agencies that respond to high-risk situations, such as volatile or remote locations, may require their agents to bring certain equipment with them. The wages for the job are often high enough to cover all of these costs.


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