How Much is a Florida Fishing License For Non Resident?

How Much is a Florida Fishing License For Non Resident?

The state of Florida is teeming with bountiful fish species, making it one of the world’s top fishing destinations. To enjoy this cornucopia, though, anglers must obtain a valid fishing license. The process is simple and straightforward, and the fees charged are invested into conservation efforts to ensure Florida’s fisheries stay healthy and abundant for generations to come.

How much is a Florida fishing license for non resident?

To legally fish in Florida, all non-residents over the age of 15 must have a valid state fishing license. The cost of this license varies based on the type and duration of license opted for, but you can expect to pay between $10 per day and $50 per year for a non-resident saltwater or freshwater license.

Those who can prove their Florida residency by means of a driver’s license, state ID card, voter registration certificate, homestead exemption declaration or military orders stationing them in the state can get discounted annual and five-year licenses Hot spots charters. In addition, the first weekend of April is designated as free fishing weekend to encourage new anglers and families to enjoy Florida’s beautiful waters.

The best way to purchase a Florida fishing license is through the FWC’s online system, which makes the entire process quick and easy. It is also possible to purchase a license over the phone with the FWC’s licensing department, or you can go in person to one of the many FWC licensed agents, which include tackle shops, fish camps, hardware stores and sporting goods retailers.


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