How to Find Painters Near Me?

Are you looking for professional painters near me to help you with your painting project? If so, you have come to the right place. If you’ve been thinking of having your home painted, but you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! Listed below are a few things you should look for when hiring a painter. First and foremost, make sure to ask questions. After all, there is a lot more to painting than just covering the walls.

How to Find Painters Near Me?

Consider hiring a painting company to do a complete home makeover. Painting contractors can do everything from refresh your bedroom walls to repaint your entire home exterior. They can even refinish your kitchen cabinets. Hiring a professional is well worth the money. Professional painters know how to properly tape off, prime, and paint surfaces, and they use the right techniques to make your home look its best. You can find painters near me through websites like Houzz or Yelp.

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Painting contractors charge an hourly rate of $20 to $50 per square foot. Most painting contractors work eight hours a day and cover 150 to 350 square feet per hour painters in new orleans. This includes paint and materials, which typically make up around 80% of the total price. For most house painting projects, a small semi-skilled crew of painters can cover two to three hundred square feet per hour. Additional charges may apply for difficult surfaces or for large or complex projects.


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