How to Recognize Hidden Mold in Your Home

Hidden mold is often difficult to detect, but it is a serious problem that only gets worse if it is not addressed. Here are some ways to recognize mold in your home:

Check walls and ceilings for visible signs of mold. Scrubbing with soap and water will not remove mold spores. You need to contact a professional mold remediation service to clean the affected areas. If you notice leaks in the roof or plumbing, you should consider calling a professional service. If you spot black streaks, call a mold remediation company. If you find white or green spots, you might have mold spores hiding in the ceiling or walls.

Recognize Hidden Mold in Your Home

Mold spores can stay dormant for 50 years. Mold growth requires specific conditions. These include warmth, moisture, and darkness. A mold infestation will result from humidity. Whether the moisture came from a leak, stagnant water, or high humidity, these conditions will contribute to the growth of mold. It’s important to identify the source of the moisture and mold before you can effectively treat it. However, if the sources of the moisture aren’t identified, mold growth can result in a serious health issue.

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The symptoms of mold contamination are often difficult to detect. People suffering from respiratory or breathing issues might experience a number of symptoms. When they are ill, most people tend to retreat to Los Angeles mold inspections, and mold in walls can cause a host of other health problems. It may be hard to detect the presence of mold in a home, but once you become aware of these symptoms, you may be able to identify problems before they manifest.


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