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Leptitox is an abbreviation for its main ingredient L-Tox. This chemical substance has gained immense popularity in recent times mainly due to its remarkable effects on the human body and its ability to reduce obesity. The manufacturer of L-Tox, Shilajit Soudhi, has found a direct relationship between the production and calorie reduction, which is why Leptitox was first used in the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHRMC) approved pharmaceutical in 2021.

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The primary aim of the manufacturers of Leptitox was to find a way to tackle the obesity epidemic. Since then, it has become one of the most popular diet supplements in Australia and has been widely adopted by dieticians, nutritionists, and medical practitioners across the nation.

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One of the primary uses of Leptitox in Australia is to treat patients suffering from fatty liver, insulin resistance, and syndromes related to diabetes. In order to assess and determine the effectiveness of Leptitox as a dietary supplement, researches have been conducted using experimental groups comprising of either obese or non-obese subjects.

Based on the results of these studies, Leptitox was approved for general use in Australia in February 2021 with the following primary active ingredients: melatonin, amisulpride, adipose acid oxidase (AOM), caffeine, GABA transaminase (GAT), and methylxanthines (MHN). Apart from these ingredients, the Australian chemist warehouse also stocks products like lecithin oil, GABA, L-glutathione, clotrimazole, disulfide oxidase (DOOZ), and quercetin.

Although Leptitox was initially introduced as an appetite suppressant, the latest studies have revealed that it can also enhance the metabolic rate (the rate of burning of calories) in human beings thereby resulting in increased calorie burning and consequently in reduction of body fat read more over here. This metabolic effect is one of the fundamental aspects with which experts have concluded that Leptitox may act as an effective weight loss and weight control mechanism.

By inhibiting the Leptin hormone and other related signals, Leptitox Australia chemist Warehouse helps in controlling the food craving behavior which is seen as one of the major reasons behind gaining weight and obesity in humans. In essence, Leptitox presents an ideal weight loss solution that uses simple ingredients to make people feel and look great by treating common issues related to human metabolism.


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