Pokemon Go Buddy Mode

Changing your buddy in Pokemon Go is easy! Simply tap on the portrait of a Trainer and select the icon corresponding to the buddy you wish to have as a friend. A smiley face appears on both sides of the icon, and you can select any Pokemon you have caught to be your buddy. Your buddy’s picture will appear next to your portrait. You can change your buddy as often as you wish by selecting this option when you are logged in to the game.

The Buddy option lets you feed and interact with your Pokemon. You can feed your buddy by giving it a treat. You can give your buddy a treat by touching the berry icon, or by touching its portrait. If you’ve filled its food meter, one Affection Heart will be awarded. You can also feed your buddy by clicking the Berry icon on its portrait. Once you’ve fed your buddy, you can use the Pokeball without spinning.

Pokemon Go Buddy Mode

You can choose a Pokemon to be your Buddy. Once you have selected a Buddy, you can interact with him or her in augmented reality. Feeding a Pokemon allows you to spend more time with them, and you can even feed them treats as you walk around the world map. As your friendship grows, you’ll also be granted access to a range of perks, including CP boosts and new items.

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Buddy mode also lets you choose a Pokemon to have a conversation with you. Your buddy will get pleasure from interacting with you and earning Affection Hearts. You can also choose a Pokemon that doesn’t appear often in the wild download kick the buddy mod for ios. As you walk along with your buddy, you’ll earn Candy for that Pokemon. The newest Pokemon, Pichu, will be a perfect companion for you! So, take advantage of the new buddy mode in Pokemon Go to have the best of both worlds.

In addition to playing with your Pokemon Go buddy, you’ll have access to your Buddy History. Click on your friend’s portrait in the bottom left corner. To view your buddy’s Buddy History, you’ll see all of your previous Pokemon, their duration, and any Souvenirs they’ve brought with them. You can also switch between your current buddy and your former buddy by tapping the same icon. You can also see your buddy’s current mood by tapping the avatar of the person you’re talking to.

The next step to select a Pokemon to be your buddy is to make yourself a Level 2 trainer. You’ll need to level up to reach Level 2 before selecting a friend. Click on the buddy icon in the bottom left corner of your screen and select a friend. You’ll see a profile with different affection levels and activities to perform. As long as you’re not cheating, you’ll have an amazing companion!

Affection hearts are rewarded when a Pokemon is excited and your partner visits that location. You can earn a bonus heart every day by visiting your buddy’s favorite location. The heart-rewarding activity is only visible if the buddy has been given an Affection Heart. During this process, you will receive an Affection Heart, and you can spend it on your Buddy Pokemon, too. The bonus hearts are also awarded when you fight Team GO or Gym battles with other Pokemon. You can only earn three hearts per day, so make sure you give your device camera permission before using this option.


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