Roofing Plywood – A Great Alternative

Leaks in the roofing can be repaired through shingles replacement or through repairing the rotten plywood. Both methods are viable options, depending on the extent of damage and cost incurred for repair.

Roofing Plywood

If there are large holes caused by hail or water seepage, the best option is to replace the damaged or rotten plywood instead of trying to repair it. Although repairs might be cheap, they are not always the best option. A better solution is to repair the shingles so that leaks can be prevented from recurring.

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The first step is to assess the extent of damage or loss to the roofing. A piece of plywood is placed below each shingle and bonded to the existing roof. A piece of metal is placed on top of the new roofing plywood. It serves as a shield against any harmful weather Roofing Company. The metal also serves as a guide for the installation of the new roofing shingles.

The reason why the old roofing plywood needs to be replaced is that it cannot withstand the weight of heavy snow, rain, and moisture. The metal serves as a frame for the shingles. The metal becomes a conductor for heat, moisture, and electricity.

This will cause the roofing project to be very expensive because you have to repair not only the roof but also the metal frame. The metal will start melting if there is too much moisture so the best way is to wait until there are no more moisture and heat and let the roofing plywood sheet set and dry out naturally.

To install the new roofing materials, first, remove the old roofing plywood sheet. Clean the surface thoroughly with soap and water and remove any debris that might have been left behind after cleaning. The area should then be cleaned with an all-purpose household detergent to get rid of any residue that might still be there. Apply the new roofing plywood to the surface in a thin layer.

After applying the new roofing plywood, apply some felt paper over the entire surface and then use cedar weather stripping to finish it off. If you are having a small roof project do not cover the entire surface with the cedar weather stripping because it will make the work go much longer. Make sure you leave enough room for the water to run off. Then nail on the flashing between the rafters and plywood boards. You should be able to cover the entire roof with tar paper before it dries.

If you are using metal flashings it will make the job go a lot faster but then it will also add a layer of material that you will have to add another coating to. When choosing your roofing felt, it is always best to choose a thicker, softer, and lighter grade. It will also make the work go faster as well as giving the finished roofer a better finish. It is a good idea to have a roofing felt that matches the color of the roof.


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