Septic Tank Pumping Cost

Depending on location, the average cost of having your septic tank properly pumped may vary greatly. But the average cost range for such a job ranges from several hundred dollars to more than a thousand. You can expect to be billed for septic tank pumping in the range of several hundred dollars, depending on the size of your tank and location.

Septic Tank Pumping

Location and size of pumping equipment will also factor into the septic tank pumping cost. If you are located in a small rural area, chances are you have a smaller pump that is capable of pumping a reasonable volume of water. This means you may need to use a larger truck to bring it to the location.

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However, if you are located in a city with a bigger population, you may be required to hire specialized pumps. The average septic tank pumping cost will be more expensive because of the specialized equipment needed to pump a larger amount of water The location and size of the pumping equipment will also determine the average septic tank pumping cost.

The type of pump being used will also play into the septic tank pumping cost. Pumping water from homeowners’ homes into sewers can be done through a gravity system or an electrical-powered pump. Gravity systems are more effective during heavy rains or a few large loads.

Electrical-powered pumps work better when there is less water to pump, but they are more expensive to maintain. Homeowners who choose to use a gravity system will often find that the system does not work effectively after heavy rains.

One thing many people fail to consider when setting up their septic tank system is the type of pump they will use. Smaller pumps are often cheaper to run than larger ones, but this cost can vary based on the brand and model of the pump. Most homeowners should purchase a pump that will work efficiently for their family’s needs.

It is helpful if the homeowner can personally explain the way in which the septic tank pumping cost is calculated. Some homeowners may have difficulty explaining it to another person, so it may be helpful to explain the process to someone who can understand it.

When homeowners see that the septic tanks have a high septic tank pumping cost, they may feel like this is a sign that they should stop using them. This is a false notion, however. While a pump may cost more initially, it will save homeowners money in the long run. Water usage can become very costly, especially in the summer months. Water conservation is a good idea regardless of how water usage is calculated.

Homeowners should also keep in mind that it is likely that they will need to pump their systems at some point. Most homeowners should have an automatic device installed that will alert them when it is time to pump the septic tank.

The best systems will alert the homeowner through an audible siren or LED light. The device should then release a hose that allows the homeowner to empty the tank. Before pumping the system, it is important to check the drain field and ensure that there are no clogs. If there are clogs, the homeowner should try to clear them with a drain cleaner.


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