Silencils Customer Service Phone Number – How Can I Contact the Customer Service Department?

There are times when I receive an email from a customer who has sent me a Silencil printing quote after they have purchased one of my designs. When I check the address that they provided in their email, I am glad to see that it was not a reverse email lookup.

Silencils Customer Service Phone Number

Apparently, this Silencil customer service phone number is not associated with any internet company and I am quite impressed with their customer service phone number. This allows me to get in contact with them more quickly.

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The first step that I took when I received this Silencil customer service phone number was to investigate whether or not the email was a hoax read more. I looked it up using a search engine and found several hits on the website. One of these websites even had an email address associated with it and that address led me to an even bigger discovery. I discovered that the email was registered to someone in Ohio. So in an instant, I had my first lead!

I then contacted the email address and sent them an email asking if they could confirm the silencil customer service phone number. I asked this in a polite manner and I got a nice reply that confirmed my suspicions. Then I contacted the company by phone and informed them of my discovery. I was able to speak to one of their representatives and they confirmed that they did in fact have an internet business. They were very nice and made sure that everything was done to my satisfaction.

The customer service phone number was not the only thing that I was interested in. I also wanted to find out if there were other companies that use silencil technology for promotional purposes. I was wondering if they were doing very well or if it would all be a bust. Their answer surprised me, but it was very good. They told me that theirs was a very successful company and that they had hundreds of happy customers. This information made things a whole lot easier for me.

After I got all my information together I started looking for information on the silencil itself. I knew that it was a vinyl sticker, but what did it say? Was it some sort of code or encryption? Was it simply a marketing tool? I soon found out that silencils are nothing more than transparent vinyl strips, which can be printed in full color using inkjet technology.

After I printed my first batch of silencils, I went back to the company I had originally got the information from. They had no idea what to do with me. They had me fill out a survey, but there was no way of knowing what information those questions were about. Was I qualified for a silencil? What should I do now? I needed some answers to all of these questions.


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