Similac Baby Formula Recalled

When you read on Facebook about the recall of Similac baby formula, you might feel confused about what you should do. This is understandable, as the supply of infant formula was already tight. However, what if you’re worried about the safety of your child? There are ways to make sure your child is not at risk. Read on for tips on finding a safe alternative. In some cases, switching brands can help, too.

Similac Baby Formula Recalled

Recently, Abbott Nutrition voluntarily recalled select lots of Similac baby formula, Alimentum, and EleCare. The reason behind the recall was the risk of bacterial contamination. Several consumers reported developing bacterial infections after feeding their babies with the formula.

According to the FDA, this problem has been linked to unsafe conditions at the formula factory in Sturgis, Michigan. While the recall only affected some of these products, there are still limited supplies. According to IRI’s president, shortages of these products vary by retailer and location.

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A recent FDA inspection found that the Baby formula Recall contained bacteria that can cause serious illness, even death. These bacteria are typically found in dry foods and are rare. The CDC reports only four cases per year. Still, if your baby has already developed an illness, the infection can be dangerous. The best thing you can do is to stop giving your child the recalled products and talk to your pediatrician.


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