Solar Energy House – Warnings Regarding DIY Solar Panels

Solar Energy House – Warnings Regarding DIY Solar Panels

If you’re eager to make your own Solar Energy House you might well have contemplated DIY solar panels. Well, while I applaud your desire to have a solar power home, allow me to warn you that you won’t save money by producing your own solar panels. Let’s consider why.

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Solar Energy House

Lets ignore the price of your time. Here’s a listing of the substances needed:

  • 50 Solar cells every 3in x 6in, 1.75w/ pre-tabbed
  • 10ft tabbing cable and 10ft bus cord,
  • Flux pencil and solder
  • Pegboard two panels 2ft x 2ft $5

Overall price $202. Take off $20 for the 10 additional solar cells which aren’t required, provides a total of $182 for your substances to create a 60-watt solar panel. This ends up at $3 a watt.

Price of Factory Produced Panels

But we ferreted about and discovered that a 120watt panel for $358 retail, equal to $2.98 per watt solar panels in el paso tx. Additionally, there are lots of wholesalers prepared to sell directly to the general public, and minimum purchase amounts are often as low as two panels. We discovered that a 225watt solar panel wholesale for $549 (min purchase 2 panels), equal to $2.44 per watt.

Furthermore, if you’re considering creating your own solar panels to decrease the price of your solar power home, please be conscious of the following:

  • From the united states, you won’t be permitted to join your homemade solar panels into the grid. If you’d like your solar power home to be on the grid, then you must utilize solar panels together with UL certification. Many nations have regulations.
  • Commercially made solar panels include 25-year performance warranties. DIY solar panels don’t have any warranties and will likely last only a couple of years in the slightest.
  • With almost any homemade solar panel there’s a possibility of fire from welding. In case your DIY solar panel suffers and led in flame damage to your residence, your insurance provider may be somewhat reluctant to cover for a fire brought on by a solar panel that didn’t have a UL certificate.
  • As well as the last nail in the coffin of a homemade solar energy home: in the united states, homemade solar panels won’t qualify for the substantial rebates and tax credits that are available.
    If you’d like solar panels to your solar power home and need a system that’s secure, dependable, qualifies for rebates, and will surely reduce your energy accounts, overlook DIY. DIY is a fantastic introduction to knowing what it means to have a solar power home, but it’s not a viable choice to mill made solar panels.

But if you would like to create your own solar panel for a science project, this may be enjoyable, gratifying and very rewarding. On completion, you’ll also have a solar panel you can show off to your buddies and something you can utilize to supply light for a lawn, shed, or outbuilding.

If you would like to produce a solar panel for a science project, think about purchasing one of those”how to make solar panels” guides. A number of them are quite great and do a superb job of showing you (they have some very good videos) things to do, the way to do it and when to perform. Yes, a manual will include $40 – $50 into the price tag, but that may be money well spent, just don’t fall for all of the advertising hype!


If you’d like a solar energy house and also to lower your energy bills, overlook the DIY route. However, though you won’t save money or lower your electricity bill, creating a solar panel as part of a science job ought to be quite gratifying and enlightening. If you don’t need to invest the $40 – $50 for a number of those DIY solar panel manuals, there’s a good deal of information online.


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