Supplements For Puppies With Sensitive Stomachs

Supplements For Puppies With Sensitive Stomachs

Every dog is a little different, so it’s not uncommon for some pups to have sensitive stomachs. Sometimes, this can be a sign of a more serious health issue and requires veterinary help.

In the meantime, there are plenty of supplements that can be helpful for dogs with sensitive tummies. Our Keeper’s Mix Sensitive daily booster is an ideal option. It contains dehydrated goat’s milk to support digestion.


Digestive issues in dogs are sometimes a sign of a more serious health issue, so it’s important to visit your vet to get checked out. But if your dog just has sensitive tummies, there are foods and supplements that can help support their digestive system and improve bowel movements source.

Brown rice is a great source of healthy fiber that can help relieve upset tummies and encourage stool consistency. It’s also low in inflammatory properties and high in magnesium and iron.

Another great supplement for tummy comfort is our daily booster with 1.25 billion probiotics and easily digestible dehydrated goat’s milk. Simply rehydrate this supplement and pour over kibble or mix into your dog’s daily food to help their tummies settle down. It also includes a natural source of devil’s claw root, which helps alleviate joint pain in older dogs.

Indian Frankincense

Many dogs with sensitive stomachs suffer from digestion problems, such as gas, runny stools or vomiting. The best way to help with this is ensuring your pet has a diet that is low in fat and high in fiber.

We also recommend adding a daily probiotic and digestive enzyme supplement to your pet’s food to help with digestion. Our Daily Booster is a great option, as it contains probiotics and the enzyme bromelain to help with digestion issues.

The Booster comes in the form of dehydrated goat’s milk, which means that once rehydrated, it won’t require your pet to use up their precious water reserves to digest it. We also include rosemary essential oil which is known to soothe irritated skin and promote healthy coats.


Often, dogs that develop sensitive stomachs have difficulty digesting certain proteins. This can lead to diarrhea or serious gas. To remedy this, you can add foods that are high in fiber to their diet. This can help firm up their stool, which may improve digestive symptoms.

Pumpkin is an excellent food for dogs prone to stomach issues. It’s a great source of soluble fiber and has a low glycemic index. Be sure to choose canned pumpkin that does not contain any added sugar, as this can aggravate digestive issues.

You can also try feeding your pup smaller meals more frequently to help with digestion. This may work better for your pup than the traditional two-meal per day feeding schedule. Lastly, be sure to keep any toxic plants, chemicals, or cleaning products out of your pup’s reach as they can be a trigger for sensitive stomachs.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates so they can be absorbed by the body. When a dog is experiencing digestive issues, these enzymes can be a great help in improving stool consistency.

Natural digestive enzymes are produced by the dog in their stomach. However, this does not mean they are not needed. It is a good idea to give your pup digestive enzymes in addition to their food, as these can help with the digestion process.

A high quality supplement like Perfect Form Herbal Digestive Support is a great way to add these important enzymes to your dog’s diet. It also contains ingredients like slippery elm, fennel, and plantain that are beneficial for soothing the gastrointestinal tract and supporting stool consistency. It can be mixed with a little water or added to the dry food.


Probiotics are bacteria that help your pet maintain a healthy balance of gut microbes. These bacteria compete with ‘bad’ bacteria for nutrients and block points of infection. They can also help your dog produce digestive enzymes that aid in breaking down foods, and prevent diarrhea, gas and other tummy upset.

You can find probiotics in many natural products, including yogurt and kefir with live cultures. However, you must be careful that the product is free from added sugars and artificial sweeteners.

You can also get these digestive benefits by feeding your pet YuMOVE’s Daily Booster with 1.25 billion active probiotics and highly digestible dehydrated goat’s milk. This booster is a great addition to any diet, and can be used as a topping over your dog’s kibble or mixed into their food.


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