Teaching Your Dogs to Eat From the Dogs Food Bowl

Dogs love company and it is important that their meals are shared among multiple dogs. Sharing a meal means sharing the bowl and keeping track of what belongs where. This can be very difficult when your dogs have specific dietary requirements. If you want to avoid having to wash after every dog, you need to make sure their food bowls are clean every feeding.

Dogs Food Bowl

Unfortunately, feeding multiple dogs using the same bowls does not always work out in the long run. The dogs may share the same feeding bowl but, almost without exception, this practice should be avoided unless the dogs are healthy.

Unless you are able to monitor exactly how many dogs are eating at one time, there’s really no way to know how many of them are actually getting fed. Likewise, having the same bowl for all dogs doesn’t give you the option of modifying a particular dog’s diet mid-feeding.

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Luckily, you can avoid all these problems simply by choosing raised dog bowls. Raised dog bowls are extremely simple to use and ensure you get clean plates every feeding why do dogs lay in the sun. Also, because they have raised sides, they encourage the right posture for feeding – dogs should be standing straight up and away from the dog food bowl. This ensures food doesn’t spill and that it remains at the level of the dog’s mouth.

Raised dog bowls are great for dogs with specific dietary requirements. For example, German Shepherds Mobile Dog Grooming West Palm Beach who are high in protein will benefit from a high-protein food bowl. Australian Shepherds will also enjoy a high-protein food bowl as this is the diet they were naturally born on. In the wild, dogs feed their dogs using only a single feeding bowl, mixed water, and sometimes leftovers of other meals.

The idea of feeding multiple dogs using a single bowl is a bit strange, but the Australian Hermit Crabs of Australia are believed to have used this method for thousands of years. In fact, this method is thought to have been used by the first hunters around the world.

The Australian Hermit Crabs can be found on fossilized bones from thirty-seven million years ago. No one is 100% certain how the dogs fed their dogs back then, but it does appear that they fed their dog’s food off their own fur. This would make sense as there was no table to sit on, so dogs had to keep their heads down to avoid falling over.

Australian Shepherds are known for being resource guarding dogs. They have been compared to Border Collies, as they both protect their owners and loved ones. As with most dogs, if you want to guard your family and your property effectively, feeding multiple dogs using a single bowl is a good idea.

Your dogs will not soil their food, but it won’t matter to them, because they were raised to eat off of your hands. Resource guarding can mean the difference between life and death, so your dog deserves a special treat as well!


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