The Aroma Cafe

The first Aroma cafe opened in Jerusalem, Israel, in 2006. The company’s name sounded familiar but the actual establishment was different. The restaurant was owned by a company based in Israel, and the original branch in Soho was closed. A company in Israel now operates the New York branch. However, the owner of the original branch in Jerusalem wanted to charge rent that was four times higher than the market rate. So the business shifted to a new location in Brooklyn.

The Aroma Cafe

The chain began in Israel, where it became a popular coffee shop. Since then, the chain has expanded beyond its original location. There are now more than 100 locations in Israel. The chain also has locations in Canada and Ukraine. In the United States, Aroma currently only has a few locations in the northeast but plans to expand to more states. Aroma is a coffee chain owned by two brothers from Israel. The company aims to provide high-quality coffee, pastries, and salads for its customers.

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The coffee beans that the company serves are sourced from Naples, Italy. It partnered with a generations-old family of coffee roasters to purchase the coffee beans The coffee is then roasted by employees at the Aroma roasting facility in Israel, which opened in 2004. From there, the company ships the beans to other Aroma locations around the world. In Miami, you can drink the same coffee as a customer in an Aroma location anywhere in the world.


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