The Best of the Best – 10 Legendary Artists

A list of the world’s most influential musicians isn’t complete without a few greats. The Beatles have influenced many genres, led successful solo careers, and shaped fashion in the sixties. However, we’ll focus on 10 of their greatest contributions. The list will answer many questions, so make sure you vote! If you’re curious, here’s a brief look at the list’s top 10 legends.

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Some of the most influential musicians of all time aren’t necessarily the most popular, and there are plenty of great art legends on the list. There’s also an equal number of influential bands. If you want to know more about some of Australia’s biggest musical acts, read on. It’s a diverse list, so you’ll definitely find a band or two that you’d like to hear play at your next wedding reception.

Nirvana: Although their recorded output was brief, their impact can be compared to that of Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Black Sabbath: Formed in England in 1968, the rock band has been active for more than forty years. Their most popular album, Appetite for Destruction, has sold over thirty million copies worldwide and their tour broke Pink Floyd’s record for the most successful US tour of 1990.

Final Words

In conclusion, these 10 artists are some of the best in the business and have achieved legendary status. Though their work varies, they all share a unique ability to touch the hearts and minds of their audiences. So if you’re looking to explore some new and amazing music, be sure to check out the work of these 10 legendary artists.


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