The Best Summer Vacation In America

The Best Summer Vacation In America

So you’ve decided to take a trip down to the great lakes this summer. You’ve chosen a great lake, picked a great hotel, and booked your plane ticket. Then it’s time to pick out a swimming lake. Summer is about rest, relaxation, and the great outdoors.

Best Summer Vacation In America

But before you book your reservations, you want to make sure that your choice of the lake is on a list of recommended swimmers. And that means a little background research on the facilities and management at each of the five sites you are considering.

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Your first choice is a small, family-run swimming lake in Upstate New York that is just right where you want to be for both summer fun and the cultural legacies of summer events (like the infamous “Great Plains Tea Party”). If you are itching to get your children out of the big city to enjoy a relaxing swim in the lovely outdoors, what more serene place than one of America’s beloved family-friendly campgrounds? We have rounded up some of America’s most popular summertime campgrounds. Some are right next to popular family-friendly campgrounds, making for a fantastic weekend getaway that fits the social scheduling requirements of a typical summer get-together.

Want a little more Americana? Consider a hike into one of America’s more forested wilderness areas: the Appalachian Trail. If you are an outdoor sports fan, even the most dedicated hikers know there’s no better way to experience the wonders of nature than on the trail SilverRock Pools. For hikers on an A.T. experience, consider a two-day stay at one of the campgrounds surrounding the swimming lake or hot springs found there.

Another great family vacation idea is to make a day of it and head to a state park near a swimming lake. You will find amazing wildlife, breathtaking scenery, and breathtaking views of the Great Salt Lake. State parks often offer activities like rock climbing or hiking, camping, swimming, or tennis. The best part of state parks is that they provide accommodations and services like picnic lunch, guided tours, grills and so much more. With a short drive from a family camping trip, state parks are also less expensive and offer more quality than swimming lake resorts.

Summer is also a good time to head to one of America’s many beaches. There are a wide variety of beaches that vary in both size and proximity to the swimming holes, offering anything from paddle boating to beach bumming to full-on beach parties. Most beaches offer childcare and transportation to and from the beaches, but some even offer shuttles to and from the resort itself. Beach parties are a great way to celebrate America’s lifestyle – a day at the beach can be a day of romance and relaxation or a wild and carefree day of lounging around with your friends.

America has been home to a diverse range of cultures since its very beginnings – and what better way to celebrate our rich history than by visiting one of America’s great beaches. With beaches full of life, a variety of pools to explore, sandy beaches that encourage families to take full advantage of their outdoor space, and many other benefits, summer vacation can be one of the most relaxing experiences for the whole family. With so much to do at a great beach, why not plan to head to America’s most popular tourist destination? For a family vacation that every member can enjoy, nothing beats a trip to America’s first beach.


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