The consultant-Net Unternehmensberatung GmbH

As an organizational development consulting firm, the consultant-net Unternehmensberatung GmbH understands itself as a directional Wayfinder. With its expertise in both organizational development and personal development, it combines both training and consulting with a focus on the values and vision of the customer


This innovative approach ensures that the company delivers results that are sustainable. In order to do so, it applies the most modern and effective techniques in business strategy and operations.

In the process of branding and marketing, the network’s focus is on the branding and communication of a company. Consequently, it offers B2B-boats and a complete view of the company The firm is registered with the SCHUFA, which is a network of reputable associations dedicated to providing information on B2B-boats and other information to its clients.

The network’s members are established and experienced consulting firms. They have in-depth knowledge of the structural and civil engineering industries in Europe. They cooperate to offer engineering design services to clients across national boundaries.

Its members also offer a wide range of additional services. We provide consultancy in various languages and are affiliated with a number of professional associations and networks. Therefore, we are familiar with all the necessary legislation and regulations regarding B2B boats.


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