The Danger of Electrical Shock

The Danger of Electrical Shock can be deadly if you touch it. The amount of electrical current and the time it takes to pass through your body determine the severity of an injury. Even 1/10th of an amp can kill you in less than two seconds. An internal current of 10 milliamps can freeze muscles and render a person incapable of releasing an object. The following are some common signs that an electrical shock could be deadly.

The danger of Electrical Shock

An electric shock is a common accident that results in death or severe injuries. Regardless of the type of electrical shock, a person should seek medical attention immediately. An electrical shock can leave burns or no visible marks. It can also damage organs and even cause cardiac arrest. Even a small amount of electricity can cause a person to die, so it is important to seek medical attention if you think you have been affected by electricity.

Power Lines, Cables, Tower

The danger of electrical shock is much less severe than many people think. Although 60 children under 15 years old were admitted to the hospital after an electric shock in 2010 JB Electrical Stockport, there were around 47,000 children who were hospitalized due to a fall. However, the main danger that electricity poses is house fires.

The dangers of electrical shock can result from improper installation, damaged cables, and misuse of electrical appliances. A high-voltage shock is much more dangerous, and should only be administered by a trained professional.


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