The Union of Roofers and Waterproofers

Roofers and waterproofers are professionals who install, maintain, and repair the roofs of buildings. Roofing contractors use a variety of roofing materials to make the structures safe from rain and other elements. Roofing contractors also spray a variety of materials on the walls and siding of buildings to protect them from water damage. In addition, roofers also perform repairs and maintenance on older structures. For more information, read about the many jobs available for roofers and waterproofers.

The Union of Roofers

The union is the largest organization of roofers and waterproofers in the United States. The local has more than 42,000 members and has been around for 100 years. The local’s anniversary this year is a celebration of its 100th year of service to the Chicago and northern Illinois region ATS Exteriors: Denver Roofing & Siding CompanyThe organization teamed up with Union Histories to produce a full history book, video slideshow of historic photos, invitations, and a logo for the event.

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The union was formed in 1919 and has a membership of over 22,000 members. The union is dedicated to providing its members with the best training and safety possible. It is the primary source of information for roofing workers and is available to all interested parties. The union is also the biggest organization of roofers in the country. The United States Department of Labor oversees roofing and waterproofing jobs. With the union’s help, roofers can be confident in their abilities and enjoy their work.

The union represents more than 18,000 roofers and waterproofers in the U.S. The largest union in the United States, Local 11, is the largest roofing local. In 2014, they celebrated their 100th year of service to Chicago and Northern Illinois. To commemorate this milestone, Union Histories produced a comprehensive history book, video slideshow, invitations, and a logo. In addition, the company provided the event with new sponsors and raised funds for the organization.

The union is a vital part of the roofing industry. In addition to protecting a building’s contents and structure, roofers also ensure its safety by installing roofing systems that prevent water from entering. They also work in high places, which makes them very physically demanding. In addition to their physical work, roofers and waterproofers are required to undergo a rigorous training program. It is important to take note that you must have a high school diploma to become a roofer.


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