Tips for Choosing a DUI Lawyer

With Missouri s stringent DUI/DWI Laws, the question on choosing a DUI attorney is not whether or not you ought to consult a DUI attorney, but what DUI attorney. Many St. Louis DUI drivers arrested for a DUI have only a few choices when it comes to legal representation, but locating an attorney who truly represents your best interests may be a challenge at times.

Choosing a DUI Lawyer

Many DUI lawyers work just with the defense attorneys and may never even meet you before the trial. Even though these DUI lawyers are well-intentioned, they often lack the resources to mount a reasonable defense for you DUI lawyer near me. This means that you’ll be paying out a lot more money than needed in case the case goes to trial, or even if you get convicted.

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There are several sources you may try in order to find a competent DUI attorney in your area. First of all, try searching for DUI attorneys by using your local phone book. You will also want to check out the Missouri Bar Association’s list of DUI attorneys in your area as well. When you call up Barry T. Tompkins, he can give you some good referrals to local DUI attorneys.

If none of these recommendations is able to provide you with any results, or if you feel that your case has special needs that are not being met by any of the DUI attorneys that you contacted, then you might want to consider hiring a private DUI Lawyer instead. Missouri law allows for a private criminal defense attorney to take on your case, and this is particularly important when it comes to dealing with DUI charges.

When you choose a DUI Lawyer for your DUI case, make sure you set aside a substantial amount of time for driving, or else your case may never reach a resolution. The time that you put aside to defend yourself during the actual trial is going to determine the outcome of your case.


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