US Navy Challenge Coin Tradition

US Navy Challenge Coin Tradition

Many people are very fond of collecting coins. They are looking for rare coins with unusual designs, shapes, and appearances. There is no specific category of coins as all coins look similar in their classifications. However, there are several categories that can be distinguished. These are U.S. coins, British coins, and challenge coins.

US Navy Challenge Coin

U.S. coins are those with particular symbols or insignia on them. U.S. military challenge coin tradition was started in WWII with the end of World War II. A challenge coin is usually a small gold or silver coin, with an organization’s insignia or symbol and carried by all the members of the organization cheap custom coins. Each military group has its own unique rules for wearing coins, too.

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There are also world war I and world war II challenge coins made and distributed for the soldiers who fought in these wars. The same can be said for the Korean and Vietnam War challenge coins. Each of these military challenge coins had specific designs like the ones for the U.S. soldiers and the British challenge coins.

As you can see, the world war I and world war II coins made for remembrance are not only for the veterans but also for the whole world to remember the war and the sacrifice of the people who were involved in it.


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