What Are Laundry Activities?

What Are Laundry Activities?

Laundry is an activity that involves washing, drying and ironing clothes. It is an essential part of personal hygiene and may help to reduce the spread of diseases and infections. It also helps to keep clothing looking fresh and smelling good. Additionally, washing clothes regularly can reduce the amount of allergens in the home such as pet dander and dust mites, which can lead to a better night’s sleep.

What Are Laundry Activities?

This is a great opportunity to discuss safety issues such as turning clothes inside out, treating stains and ensuring that items are washed in cold or warm water based on the fabric type. It is also a chance to practice the use of a laundry service machine and an iron.

If possible, have the student visit a local laundromat or home supply store that sells large appliances to get a feel for how different washers and dryers look and work. The focus should be on the dials and buttons of each device, as well as what features all machines have in common (e.g. all dryers have a lint screen).

If the student is able to read, he or she can practice reading clothing tags to identify items and follow directions for proper care of garments. It can be helpful to have the student make a list of laundry instructions, including how to wash and dry different fabrics, as well as the order in which to hang and fold. Lastly, this is an excellent opportunity to work on sorting skills, particularly wet vs. dry and clean vs. dirty.


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