What Are the Demolition Asbestos Surveys?

An Asbestos Surveyor performs asbestos surveys on industrial sites. This is a Management Asbestos Surveyor an Exposure Assessment/Asbestos Management Survey (EAS). Both types of surveys are carried out by trained Asbestos Surveyors to assist the employers in assessing the suitability of potential asbestos-containing materials for their use in their respective operations.

Demolition Asbestos Surveys

This is a major business responsibility and hence requires expertise and professional knowledge. These professionals should have the necessary skills to conduct the Asbestos Survey in a proficient manner asbestos survey birmingham. Surveys conducted under both types have limitations and you would need to follow the guidelines provided by the company that has hired you.

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Asbestos Surveys are mainly undertaken for the purpose of safety of the workers and the production plants as well as to prevent the spreading of asbestos in the working environment and to keep the risk of Asbestos-related diseases minimal environmental consultants. In the management Asbestos Survey the selected area is chosen that has the concentration of Asbestos concentration that is enough to cause no harm to the people or to the environment. This is usually located close to the main production area and the manufacturing units.

The area selected for the Asbestos Survey in Refurbishment/ demolitions are selected on the basis of ground penetration or when the material may get dislodged from the soil during the process of demolition. If the material is located close to other structures, the surveyor will also consider the impact of debris on the people and on the environment.

When it comes to sampling collection of materials during the Refurbishment/ Demolition Asbestos Surveys, the surveyor is required to perform the sampling in the area where there is likely to be a concentration of Asbestos level above the ambient level. In addition to sampling the areas where there is likely to be a concentration of Asbestos, they are also required to sample the air quality and the material that is exposed to when the sample is collected.

The surveyor has to prepare the report accordingly and then send them to the consultants/ contractors/ contractors who are involved in the refurbishment, demolition, and installation activities. Hence, it is very important that when you hire an asbestos surveying company you should make sure that they have the required expertise and that they perform all the Asbestos surveying work with extra care and expertise so that there are no mistakes or absence of any information or data in the report that has been generated from the Surveys.


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