What is 4S in Housekeeping?

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4S is an acronym forsooth,’ set in order, ‘shine’, ‘standardize’, and sustain. It is a framework that helps businesses achieve efficiency, productivity, and profit house cleaners in Cambridge. It also encourages employees to think about how they can organize their workspace and take ownership of their work process.


Sorting (seiri) – Reducing clutter to create safe, secure spaces. Removing unnecessary items helps prevent accidents and reduces the amount of time workers spend searching for items.

What is 4S in housekeeping?

Taking an organized inventory of what is in storage can help determine what is needed to be removed and where the space could be used differently. This can be done in a warehouse, office, or other space.

Set in place / organization – Setting up space to maximize efficiency, using visual cues like floor marking tape and labels, and organizing tools and materials. This is a critical step to the 5S process because it makes it easier for people to find what they need when they need it and put it away when they don’t.

Shine – Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of the 5S process, and it is often overlooked. Keeping the workplace clean is essential to maintaining productivity and preventing injury or damage to equipment.

Safety – Some business leaders feel that the safety aspect of the 5S program should be a part of all five steps, and therefore don’t need to stand alone as a separate step. However, safety is a vital component of many 5S processes and should be emphasized by everyone in the company.


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