What is a Solicitor Salary UK?

What is a Solicitor Salary UK?

What is a solicitor salary UK?

A solicitor’s pay can depend on your qualifications and experience, as well as where you work. Solicitors London works in various areas, including personal injury law, family law and criminal law.

How to become a Solicitor

Earning a solicitor qualification typically takes six to seven years, depending on whether you pursue the traditional path of studying for an undergraduate law degree and then undertaking a one-year LPC course before training at a firm.

Alternatively, you can take a different route, including completing an undergraduate degree unrelated to law, a one-year Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL), and a further one-year LPC.

Trainee Solicitor Salary UK

Salaries for trainee solicitors vary considerably depending on the practice area and location. Solicitors working in smaller High Street practices tend to receive lower salaries, while those at larger City law firms can expect a significantly higher starting wage.

NQ Solicitor Salary UK

The minimum starting salary for a NQ solicitor in London is PS22,794 according to the Law Society, while outside of the capital it’s currently recommended at PS20,217. However, some Magic Circle firms offer NQs salary figures in excess of PS140,000.

In addition to higher pay, working for a Magic Circle firm will also provide you with greater responsibility earlier on in your career. Solicitors who work in larger and more international firms have the potential to gain more experience and progress up the ladder quicker.


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