What is an Attorney at Law?

What is an Attorney at Law?

Attorney is a term used to refer to someone who has been legally qualified to prosecute and defend actions before a court of law.

There are several different types of attorneys and they all have different functions.

One of the most common is an attorney in fact, who is a person designated under a power of attorney.


An attorney in Las Vegas LBC Law Group is a legal practitioner licensed to represent clients in the courtroom. He or she may also be a paralegal or a legal assistant. An attorney must pass the bar exam before being authorized to practice law in any given jurisdiction.

The term “attorney” is derived from the French word “attorney,” which originally meant “a deputy or agent.” The term is commonly used to describe a slew of similar but lesser known professions, such as legal assistants and paralegals. The most notable use of the word attorney in modern English is as a noun or adjective to describe the profession. It was not until the 18th century that the term became a verb, meaning a person who was legally qualified to practice law on a professional level.


There are a number of different types of attorneys. They each specialize in a specific area of law and can help you resolve any legal issue that you are having.

The most common type of attorney is called an attorney at law. This type of lawyer has a law degree and is licensed to practice law in a particular jurisdiction.

A power of attorney is one of the most common ways that people give an agent the authority to act on their behalf. This person could be an attorney at law, or they could be an attorney in fact.

Another type of lawyer is a general counsel, which is the chief legal officer of an organization. They monitor and manage the legal department to ensure that the company is complying with regulations. They also work proactively to minimize potential issues and avoid risks.


Attorneys at law are legal professionals who represent, defend and advocate on behalf of their clients. They may be general practitioners or specialized in areas such as real estate, corporate issues, criminal law, intellectual property or matrimonial and family law.

In general, attorneys at law work on various legal matters, including advising their clients on the latest legislation and developing case strategies to resolve cases favorably and cost-effectively for their clients. They also prepare documents like contracts, pleadings and deeds. Some even take part in trials. This is a role that requires solid verbal and interpersonal communication skills along with a keen analytical mind.


An attorney at law is a person licensed to practice law, in particular by passing the bar exam. They represent clients in court and provide legal advice.

Lawyers may also offer their services as consultants for businesses and individuals. They often work for law firms, with a partner, or by themselves in a solo practice.

The qualifications for an attorney at law vary from state to state. Some require a minimum age, citizenship, residency, electoral status and bar admission; others prohibit the office from being held by an individual who does not meet these criteria.


The fees associated with an attorney at law vary based on the type of fee arrangement. Some attorneys are paid by the hour, others quote a flat rate or contingency rate, and many use retainer fees.

Regardless of the fee structure, it’s important to read your attorney’s representation agreement carefully. It should include all costs related to your case, including fees for paralegals and other support staff.

One of the most popular fee arrangements is a contingency fee, which only pays an attorney if the client wins a judgment or settlement. However, there are some downsides to this option.


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