What is the Mental Health Foundation?

The Mental Health Foundation is an exceptionally important British charity, whose motto is “To help people cope with their mental health. Through knowledge, protection, and support.” Their website states that their programs have helped millions of people throughout the United Kingdom over the last thirty years.

Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation has four main programs, which they say have helped millions of people. They offer two voluntary programs, the Well Being Programme and the Disability Discrimination Act Equalities Program, as well as a number of free support services. This is a great initiative, as disability and discrimination can be a huge problem in this country.

Depression, Mental Health, Sadness

As a bonus, the Mental Health Foundation has also created the Sense of Safety and Wellness program, which aims to raise awareness about mental wellness in the country. There are many ways that this foundation helps people.

You can sign up for their newsletters, help keep them updated on what is happening in your local area, or you can volunteer yourself to help create new programs Grenaa. Either way, it’s a fabulous organization and well worth your time. Who knows, you could even end up changing the world. It’s time to support this wonderful foundation. You may be surprised at just how much they’ll benefit your community.


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